Moudania Kassandra Halkidiki Moudania Kassandra Halkidiki Moudania Kassandra Halkidiki

    Nea Moudania (often referred to as Moudania) is a town and seat of the Municipality of Nea Propontida in the prefecture of Halkidiki. They number 9,342 inhabitants. Their distance from Thessaloniki is 54 km. The inhabitants are engaged in tourism and fishing. Together with Nea Michaniona the town is one of the largest fishing centers in Central Macedonia. Wanting to show the long-standing importance of fishing for their lives, the inhabitants established the Traditional Boat and Tool Museum, which is located in the port of New Moudania in 2002. The beach auction is one of the largest in the Mediterranean and it distributes tons of anchovy and sardines, both inside and outside Greece.

    Nea Moudania is the largest shopping center in Chalkidiki, and among the shops, visitors can find, banks, post office, Bithynia Folklore Museum, Museum of Fishing Boats and Instruments, Cultural Clubs, Nautical Club, Schools (6 kindergartens, 4 Primary schools , 2 Gymnasia, 2 Lyceums and an annex of Thessaloniki Technical University) and public services. In the town, once a week (every Wednesday), the largest open-air market in Halkidiki

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